Improvers Courses

Sept/Oct (West End): Creative Combos

6pm, Thursdays, Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg Street
Dates: Sept 28th, Oct 5th, 12th, 25th & Nov 2nd 2017

Bring out your own hoop style and learn some dynamite combos! We’ll be learning ways to link together moves, including techniques for switching hand positions, which moves belong together and expanding our bank of moves. Not to mention trying out some classic combos together. A course designed to bring out your own creative style!

5 week course costs £28

Tutor: Kat Borrowdale

 October (Southside): Go With the Flow

This Improvers course is focused on developing your flow, and for falling even further in love with your hoop! Discover your own hooping style and start to move with the music! You’ll learn lots of exciting new tricks and transition moves to go between them. From your toes to your elbows, your whole body will be involved. By the end you won’t know where you stop and your hoop begins!

Wednesdays 7.30pm – 8.30pm, Pollokshields Burgh Hall, 70 Glencairn Drive, G41 4LL
11th, 18th, 25th Oct, 1st Nov & 15th Nov 2017 – PLACES AVAILABLE


Tutor: Jenn Connolly


Improvers Courses 2017

To get the most from these courses we recommend you have attended a beginners class or hoop fitness class, and are confident hula hooping on your waist and hands.