Hula Hoop Instructors

Kat (Stakatto) is the primary instructor for all classes and she first fell in love with hooping in July 2009. She’s a regular performer on the Scottish cabaret scene, has been leading circus workshops since 2007 and teaching hula hoop since 2010. Her full time job is hula hooping – she runs Glasgow Hula Hoop and is a volunteer director of local music festival MugStock.


Jenn small

Jenn has been hooked on hooping since 2011. She loves the addictive nature of learning new tricks and the positive energy it creates for mind and body. She is currently studying to become a counsellor, and is particularly interested in Art and Dance Movement Therapy.



Phoebe Teacher

Phoebe has been hooping since 2015 after spotting head of Glasgow Hula Hoop Kat at a festival and trying her best to stalk her and steal all her moves. Hooping has become part of her daily routine and she loves nothing more than getting home after work and dancing around with her hula hoop in her pants. Expect loud music, body-confidence building and loads of laughs in Phoebe’s workshops!