Cabaret Acts

Stakatto’s latest act Time blends the surrealism of Dali, the wrongness of contortion and the sinister tones of Bowie to create a stunningly unique act which time-portals its way from 1930s Berlin.


Presenting character-shifting act All the World’s a Circus
A journey through the world of the big top, debut April 13th 2012

Stakatto Blue’s most popular, award-winning act, Flash!

A heady mix of superheroes, Queen and LED hula hooping.

“My act of the night was Stakatto Blue because she created unbelievable energy.” – Chris Dinwoodie, Enterteasement events Glasgow

Flapper – A tribute to 1920s fashion, when Victorian trends like hula hooping were on the way out… wait, that’s not what you’re supposed to do with them!

Human Slinky – This fun-loving cabaret act sees Stakatto’s attempt at becoming a human slinky, covered in hoops… if only the costume would stop falling apart. This reverse spectacular is suitable for stage performance, cabaret and family shows alike and appeared at T in the Park’s Cabaret tent 2011.